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What we expect...   Imagine you were us. Busy with the dogs day in day out. After long deliberation you decide to breed a litter. Exciting times lie ahead, lots of things to be done. After some nerve-racking months the day has finally arrived that the puppies are born safe and sound. For 8 weeks, those little babies are the most important thing in the world to you. Finally the day to part with them comes. Would you simply hand them over to just anyone? Well, neither will we... Our ideal puppy buyer has -before contacting us- thoroughly investigated the breed and knows why he would like one like ours. Our ideal puppy buyer is willing to wait for the right litter and the right puppy - a puppy being the right one, hopefully not primarilly for it’s color. As you may have read earlier on, we spend a lot of time on our dogs and their offspring. We expect the same from our puppybuyers. Of course we would like to meet you in person, before entrusting you one of our doggychildren. Our Dachshunds will not be sold to live in kennels fulltime. Dachshunds need contact with their humans. Our puppies are no toys for children, nor for ‘the other dog’. Furthermore we insist on good quality nutrition for your Dachshund. Your local supermarket brand does not fit this bill. We prefer a raw diet or a decent brand of ready-made-frozen-meat mixes. Kibble can work as well, but then solely those without grains, chemical preservatives or additives and with a high content of meat of fish. Mostly these are not the well known brands, they invest their entire budget in their food instead of its marketing. Special attention should be given to your Dachshunds weight. Dachshunds belong to the dwarfbreeds. Being overweight is detrimental for their physique. We would really appreciate it if you were to do something active with your Dachshund. A daily walk is ofcourse a must (even in bad weather!), but besides this it could be fun to go to puppy-school. Your Dachshund will be grateful for the exclusive attention he or she gets  from you. Hopefully you have made enquiries about training courses in your neighboorhood. Considering Dachshunds are hunting dogs, the vast majority of the breed still enjoy doing something in that direction. As said before, you don’t have to be a hunting fanatic to train your Dachshund to be a scent dog or for training for the working trials. For more information on this subject, feel free to contact us. If you can not find the time for all the above, maybe you should re-think getting a puppy. Especially the first year, puppies can be a handful. If you do not offer them enough activity, either mentally or fysically, they will surely find stuff to do themselves, but it will probably not be something you actually want them to do (redecorating, overactive landscaping, thinning out your shoe collection, these are just a few things that come to mind...).Apart from time, puppies cost a lot of money too. In the first weeks you will be needing follow up vaccinations, up untill 6 months of age, your puppy needs to be de-wormed each month, expensive recurrent flea/tick treatments, yearly check-ups at the vets, an ailment or accident in between, feeding costs, toys, fees for training activities, boarding fees, possible membership fees. A lot of small expenses add up  to a big yearly cost! Farmost we hope of course all our puppies will bring  their new owners as much joy as our own dogs do. In  return we expect those owners to care for them in the best  possible way, cause they deserve it. If ever something  were to happen causing you to no longer being able to  care for them, we want to be the first to know. This so to  prevent one of our dogs ever ending up in a shelter or  simply in the wrong hands. If the above did not put you off, and you are still  convinced that a Hereheide puppy might be for you,  please contact us. You might just be the dream owner we  are looking for! Worth the read... Puppy buyer etiquette...  
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