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What to expect...   The more you get to know a breed, the higher your expectations become. There is no such thing as the perfect dog, but in my opinion it is a breeder’s responsability to truely aspire breed improvement. We have made it our breeding-goal to produce a very breed-typical Dachshund, whereby the next generation transcends merely the sum of parts of the previous generation. Out of every combination we make, we would like to have such a puppy ourselves. Health, character and anatomie are most important, colour is secondary. Also very important: the living conditions of our dogs. All our dogs are entitled to plenty of excercise, fun activities and individual attention. First and foremost our dogs are pets, our walking- and training buddies... Here we would like to share with you what to expect from a Hereheide puppy: -Healthy, beautiful, happy parents that are looked after in the best possible way. -Breeding dogs are checked for eye diseases. -Our dogs minimally participate in the ‘selection above ground’ (see ‘Hunting’) before they are used for breeding. (and/or Sociable Dog Test from the Be Kennel Club) -Puppies are born in our living room to familiarize them as much as possible with ‘everyday life’. -We rear our litters in accordance to the Puppy Culture Program (see link at bottom of the page). This program was developped by breeders, veterinarians, behavioural scientists, etc. It starts out with Early Neurological Stimulations, followed by week by week training in accordance to the puppy’s age (dealing with frustration, ‘putting value to’ a clicker, avoiding possesiveness, and much more...) A lot can be found online about this program. -Extended form of socialization. By the time the puppies are 8 weeks old, they’ve frequently been in contact with people, cats, horses, etc. Furthermore they’re used to riding in cars, going to the forrest, the city center, etc. -Initial housetraining and cratetraining -All puppies are microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed multiple times and come with European passport and LOSH/FCI pedigree (in Belgium it takes several months for breeders to get their pedigrees, as soon as they arrive, they will be given to you). -Special socialization for puppies for practical hunting can be reckoned with. -All puppies come with a puppy-package (bag of food, toys, litterblanket, leash and collar), a file with ‘starters guide’, copies of pedigrees and eye examinations of the parents and a non-committal invitation for our puppy-reunion somewhere around their first birthday. -Finally, we are there for you a Teckel-life-long. I would like to add that puppies are not ‘factory produced’and they can’t simply undergo  a ‘technical inspection’ before leaving to their forever homes. Healthy dogs can produce a diseased puppy, just like healthy people, can have a diseased child. Ofcourse we do everything in our power  to avoid this... If you want to know if you are  eligible for a Hereheide  puppy, please  proceed. ‘What we expect’...
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