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The Dachshund   Dachshunds are the most versatile hunting dogs on the planet and should be admired for it as they are only 'half a dog high'. They are excellent scent dogs, they can make game 'spring', retrieve ducks out of water, chase hare while ‘giving tongue’ and work under ground as well as above. This should of course be taken into account when considering a dachshund as a pet. They are (and should be) strong willed, mistakenly seen as stubborn, and brave little dogs. If you're looking for an excellent obedience dog, you might want to skip this one... Unless you love to set your personal goals in life rather highish. Dachshunds can of course be trained, but it takes a lot of patience and perseverance from it's owner. They respond well to positive training methods, especially when there is food involved! Furthermore, Standard Smooth Dachshunds are extremely loving to their owners, not so keen on strangers however. Their people are the most important people in the world, and be honest, who doesn't want to come home to that! They love to cuddle, preferably on the couch and not beside it. A blanket should come with every puppy as they like to tug in before going to sleep. They also are the only breed who, without any training, make voluntary eye contact with their owners, this creates a special bonding. I personally think this is to check to see if you are paying attention to them as, as all Dachshund owners know, they are indeed the center of the universe (or at least, they think they are)... It's this last part that makes them such popular compagnon dogs. You easily forgive them the fact that they are operable only with manual, just because they are such loving creatures... FCI Breed Standard n° 148 (You need Adobe Reader for this, free download here) Working Trials
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The Dachshund