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News 2018   06-09-2018 Sadly breeding isn’t an easy thing to do... The litters are great! The puppies are adorable! Sadly you can’t keep them all... When you want to go forward in your breeding program, you keep some for a bit longer... In Europe this is still seen as a weird thing to do. As I am not in this breeding thing for ‘the money’, these dogs mostly go for next to nothing, to ‘extra special’ people. Sometimes there are those your heart tells you to not let go, but the mind decides otherwise as you don’t want to end up as a dog hoarder... When you find out that this special one is being moved again, after having lived a shorter amount of time with her new people than she has with you, without you being told about it as is mentionned on our website, in our contract, AS IS COMMON SENSE! then this breaks your heart. Or at least mine! Her place in the end did turn out to be here, but we’re denied the chance. For me currently the straw that breaks the camel’s back... Do what makes you happy! This does not make me happy... There will be no more litters planned any time soon... 26-08-2018 Here we are! 3 boys, 3 girls! All are healthy and doing super... Amazed by how small these kaninchen/mini’s are... They are super cute! 10-08-2018 World Dog Show Amsterdam In a huge Junior Class (22) Quizz me Quick Van de Hereheide was... 3d !!!!!!! Super proud! 5-08-2018 Water test KBTC, no dogs of our own entered, but Panic @ the Disco Van de Hereheide was there and did what she does best... Get dat duck on dry land asap... Congrats to owner Lynn! 26-7-2018 More baby news! Our Millie is due end of August! We’re expecting reds & red brindles... 14-07-2018 Hound Championship Show UK. Princesse Parfaite Van de Hereheide (Zara) qualified for Crufts 2019! Well done owner Julita Milendo! 23-06-2018 SchwhK/ORB KBTC Postel (B) blood tracking ‘without judges’. You need to find/bring small wooden objects with you as proof you have been on the right track. Black Beauty Canis Venator passed in very hot conditions and managed to put her Red Devils shades on to root for the team in the World Cup Soccer right after! 16-06-2018 Our litter was born! 3 boys, 2 girls, all are well!   3-06-2018 Dogshow Lommel (B), Judge C. Van Raamsdonk. Super day for us! Quizz me Quick Van de Hereheide, finished her Belgian Junior Championship in 3 Belgian Shows, still under a year old. She got 1 Exc, Best Junior, Best Bitch & Best of Breed. But it was our little Polly who managed to do even better! She was 1 Exc in Intermediate Class, Best Bitch, CAC, Best of Breed & Best in Group!... Go Polly!!!   31-05/1-06 -2018 We have a wonderful new addition to our kennel! The Hungarian Proud Hunter Frozen Pride (petname Joepie!) Been waiting for this combination for quite some time, in Februari the litter was born, but only 1 girl... SO exciting times to learn if she would be allowed to come live with us! She could! End of May she would be old enough to travel to Belgium, so flight booked and I could finally go and get her! She’s been a real trooper on our trip! 27-05-2018 Omnia Vincit Amor (Morris) passed his Obedience entry test! Well done KIRSTEN VAN DYCK!!! 19-05-2018 Dogshow Wieze (B), Judge J. Wouben (Nl). Quizz Me Quick Van de Hereheide, Junior Class 1 Exc & Best Junior! 12-05-2018 Fenna is expecting her first litter!   1/2/3-05-2018 Short getaway with a good friend! 22-04-2018 IDS Brabo, Antwerp (B), judge G. Tesics (H) Quizz me Quick Van de Hereheide, first show in Belgium in Junior Class 1Exc, BOB Junior & BOS. Polly Pocket Van de Hereheide, Intermediate Class 1VG 7-04-2018 IDS Luxemburg (L) Quizz me Quick Van de Hereheide, Junior Class 3Exc Polly Pocket Van de Hereheide, Intermediate Class 1Exc CACL & res. CACIB. 24-03-2018 Kaninchenschleppe trial with the 2 tiny ones, organised by the Belgian Dachshund Club in Postel (B). Polly Pocket Van de Hereheide passed with 92 points, but only III-d price as she didn’t work very well on the track itself. She managed to get high points still for her work on the den and on the last part of the track where they are unleashed and they need to go look for the den by themselves. Line of Life Driada, Polly’s mom, is a little maniac when it comes to small furry creatures so, she was at the den in no time + worked the den very fast as well. She was awarded the maximum points with a I-st price + ‘Tagessieger’, which would translate into ‘Best of the Day’. She was also awarded the CACT. Finally our very first CACT! Proud! Polly’s sister was also entered, she had a bit of an off day as she too normally is a maniac when it comes to small furry creatures... She finished with a second price. Got to the den in no time, but got ‘otherwise engaged’ at the worst time... They never let us forget they are Dachshunds after all! 4-02-2018 This year there will be less showing, more studying (& FUN!) Started a professional training to become a dog behaviourial therapist so not that much time left for shows... Can’t say that I mind as I feel I could do with a brake showwise... Currently enjoy my dogs much more when out and about with or without similar minded (dog) friends... Today we went for a hike with Millie, daughter Polly (owned by me), Plien (owned by Lynn Hertogs, who is a very nice photographer on top!) & Morris (out of our Jip & world famous in Belgium for being in an advertisement campaign :D owner Kirsten Van Dyck) only a small piece of his ear on this pic... but the fans will recognise him nevertheless ;)   17/18-02-2018 IDS Gent (B), Day 1, Polly Pocket Van de Hereheide ks, Intermediate Class 1Exc Noir Désir Van de Hereheide, Championclass 1Exc, res.CAC(IB) Day 2, Polly Pocket Van de Hereheide ks, Intermediate Class 1VG Noir Désir Van de Hereheide, Champion Class 2Exc 7-01-2018 IDS Weelde (B), judge A. Zeppi (I) Polly Pocket Van de Hereheide ks, Intermediate Class 2Exc Noir Désir Van de Hereheide, Champion Class, 2Exc, res.CAC(IB)
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