Van de Hereheide
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News 2016   23-11-2016 Puppies!!!! Gonzo very symetrically gave birth to: 2 red males, 2 black&tan males, 2 red females & 2 black&tan females! Mom & kids are doing fine... 5-11-2016 IDS Bleiswijk (N), Judge A. Edlander. Obereg Velesa Aplomb 3 VG in intermediate (he looked as if he was 14 kilo at least! and that’s too much... He is in fact just under 12 kilo’s... Too bad the imaginary scales were a bit of... ;) ). Noir Désir Van de Hereheide with her 8 kilo’s, 1 Exc. and not a single look in best bitch comparison. We quickly left and went TO THE BEACH! Wiehie! First time for both Elmo & Fenna! 15/16-10-2016 BundesSieger and International Dortmund (D), Judges M. Schneider, M. Wein-Gysae. Bundessieger: Noir Désir Van de Hereheide, Intermediate Class 1 Exc., CAC, Best Bitch, CACIB & title BundesSiegerin 2016! NicNac Van de Hereheide, 3 Exc in  Open Class. On Saturday 2 Exc and Reserve CAC for Noir Désir Van de Hereheide and NicNac Van de Hereheide her first Very Good, she was second in her class and from her judging report, no idea why she got the VG...  25-09-2016 IDS Maastricht (Nl), Judge D. Witkowska (P). Obereg Velesa Aplomb, first time Intermediate Class;  1Exc, Best Male CAC, CACIB & BeNELux Winner! NicNac Van de Hereheide, Open Class, 1Exc, R.CACIB. 18-09-2016 Clubmatch Belgian Teckelclub (B),  Judge S. Jacops (F). We went to make club pictures but took our little Fenna with us too... Noir Désir Van de Hereheide, Intermediate Class, 1Exc. 11-09-2016 IDS Luxemburg (L), Judge A. Ostrowski (P), One week Very Good, the next Best of Breed ;) That’s dogshows for ya! Noir Désir Van de Hereheide, Intermediate Class, 1Exc, CACL, NicNac Van de Hereheide, Open Class, 1Exc CACL, R.CACIB, Obereg Velesa Aplomb, Junior Class, 1Exc and thus Luxemburg Junior Champion & BeneLUX Junior Winner (and WUT JuniorChampion!), BUT he also became Best Male and Best of Breed...   4-09-2016 IDS Rotterdam (N), Judge H. Lehkonen (Fi). Obereg Velesa Aplomb, Junior class, 2 VG, NicNac Van de Hereheide, Open Class, 1Exc, R.CAC, R.CACIB 28-08-2016 THE LONGEST DAY!!! We did not only have European Dog Show on schedule, but! Millie decided she would have her babies in the night before the big show... SO instead of getting a good night sleep, we were up all night to fill the whelping box... End Result: 5 perfect little red puppies, 1 male & 4 females... I have no idea how I managed to show 4 dogs afterwards, but at end of the day, we all got home safely with nice results... All dogs got Excellent with placement... Obereg Velesa Aplomb 4Exc, Noir Désir 2Exc, NicNac 3Exc & Lorelei 4Exc... 23-07-2016 IDS Liège (B), judge D. Witkowska (P), we had a very successful day at the ‘Golden Dog Trophy’! Our Obereg Velesa Aplomb got 1Exc in Junior Class, became Best Male & Best of Breed and to top it off, he went Res. Best in Group! The girls did almost as good with Noir Désir getting 1Exc and NicNac also 1Exc and Best Female with CAC/CACIB. 16-07-2016 Kennel Reunion! We had a lovely day seeing so many of our ‘Hereheide Offspring’! We would like to thank all our wonderfull owners for giving our dogs such lovely homes! 25-06-2016 Bloodtracking Trial ‘ORB’, organised by the Royal Belgian Teckelclub, due to the extreme weather conditions (and perhaps lack of training...) we didn’t pass... BUT she still loves me, after all the water, rain, insects, ... 20-06-2016 Successful Roebuck retrieve with Otto... 4-06-2016 NDS Lommel (B), Judge D. Mamantov (Ru), Obereg Velesa Aplomb (Elmo), 2Exc, Omnia Vincit Amor vd Hereheide (Own. Kirsten Van Dyck), 1 Very Promissing. 5-06-2016 IDS Tilburg (NL), Judge R. Lochs-Romans (Nl), NicNac vd Hereheide 2 Exc, New Order vd Hereheide (own. Suzanne Hagenaar), 2 Exc. 30-05-2016 IDS Leszno (P), Judge L. Frncova (Cz), Super fun trip! NicNac Van de Hereheide, under the watchfull eye of her sire’s Polish breeder, 1 Excellent in Intermediate Class, CWC, Best Bitch CACIB & Best of Breed! We got a super report from a super sweet judge, lovely weather, lovely people! All was SO lovely that we totally missed the ring of honour... :/ THANK YOU to Joris Bollen, NicNac’s owner, for letting me show her, even when this means taking her abroad with me for a couple of days!   14-05-2016 CAC Wieze (B), Judge W. Van den Broeck (B), Noir Désir Van de Hereheide (Fenna), 1st time in intermediate class, 1 Excellent & CAC. 24-04-2016 Lovanium Junior & Veteran day, Judge L. De Ridder-Onghena (B). Training day for our Junior Boy... 1 Excellent & Best of Breed...   17-04-2016 IDS Brabo Antwerp (B), Judge A. Zeppi (I). Obereg Velesa Aplomb, 1 Excellent in Junior Class, on to Best Junior (junior Brabo Winner), Best Male (Brabo Winner) and BOS... Later on also 3 Best Junior Male in GROUP! Lorelei Van de Herheide 1 Excellent in Champion Class, Best Bitch, Brabo Winner, CAC, CACIB, BOB! With this result she closed International Beauty & International Show Championship! 03-04-2016 Ambiorix Trophy Genk (B), judge Weng Woh Chan (Mal.). Obereg Velesa Aplomb (Elmo), first time in Junior Class, 3 Excellent. NicNac Van de Hereheide, Open Class, 1 Excellent, Best Bitch, Ambiorix Winner, CAC, BOS. With this result she has 3 out of 4 necessary points for her Belgian Championship, but she can only get her last point as of half of January 2017... 13-03-2016 IDS Genk (B), Judge L. Heinesche (L). Lorelei Van de Hereheide, 1 Excellent in Championclass. NicNac Van de Hereheide, 1 Excellent in Intermediate Class + Best Bitch, CAC-CACIB, BOB. 20-02-2016 IDS Flanders Dogshow Ghent (B), Judge Marion Finney (Ie). Lorelei Van de Hereheide Champion Class 1 Excellent. NicNac Van de Hereheide, Intermediate Class, 2 Excellent + R.CAC, RCACIB. 23-01-2016 IDS Eindhoven (N), Judge Weijenborg-Weggemans (N): NicNac Van de Herheide, 1 last time back to Junior Class, where she got 1Excellent, with this result we can apply for her Junior Wut Championshiptitle! Lorelei Van de Hereheide, back in shape after her litter, got 1Excellent in Working Class & Res. CAC-Res. CACIB. 10-01-2016 IDS Hoogstraten (B), Judge L. Heinesche (L): NicNac Van de Hereheide Intermediate Class: 1Excellent, Best Female, CAC, CACIB. Noir Désir Van de Hereheide, Junior Class: 1 Excellent, with this hattrick we start the new year as we ended it... With a new Belgian Junior Champion! 27-12-2015 HRV Kerstshow Tienen (B), Judge L. Heinesche (L): We finish this year, just as we started it! With a new Belgian Junior Champion! NicNac needed one more point towards this title, so today she was once again in Junior Class. She won the Class, became best Bitch, Best of Breed & Best in Group!
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