Van de Hereheide
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News 2015   27-12-2015 HRV Kerstshow Tienen (B), Judge L. Heinesche (L): We finish this year, just as we started it! With a new Belgian Junior Champion! NicNac needed one more point towards this title, so today she was once again in Junior Class. She won the Class, became best Bitch, Best of Breed & Best in Group! 19-12-2015 Winner show Brussel (B), Judge M. Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (P): Noir Désir Van de Hereheide, Junior Class 1 Excellent! Belgian Junior Winner & BeNeLux (B) Junior Winner! Nic Nac Van de Hereheide 3 Excellent in Intermediate Class.   13-12-2015 Winner show Amsterdam (Nl), Judge M. DiChicco (I): Noir Désir Van de Hereheide, Junior Class 3 Excellent. NicNac Van de Hereheide, Intermediate Class, 4 Excellent. Huge number of entries, so proud of the ladies, both got excellent with placement! 14-11-2015 IDS Kortrijk (B), Judge G. Schwab (L): Noir Désir Van de Hereheide Junior Class: 1Exc. NicNac Van de Hereheide, Intermediate Class: 2Exc.   30-10-2015 Our Newborns have arrived! 1 red male, 4 red females and 1 black&tan female... 4-10-2015 Wallonia Int. Dogshow (B). Judge M. Baskaran (ES), NicNac Van de Hereheide, our All-or-nothing girl... In strong competition, 1Exc in Junior Class, Best Junior, Best Bitch, Best of Breed AND 4th Best in Group! Very proud! In between showing, Jip was succesfully mated to Kantri Park’s Gatsby, we’re expecting puppies end of October. 30-08-2015 IDS Luxembourg, judge G. Kalinichenko, NicNac Van de Hereheide 2Exc in junior class, Line of Life Driada, 1Exc in Working Class with CACL. 29-08-2015 WUT Olen (B), judge A. Giorgi, Lorelei Van de Hereheide 3exc. in championclass. 08-08-2015 Watertest Nevele (B) RBTC. Gonzo & Nelles passed their Watertest today (retrieving duck out of deep water). Annotation Wa. 25&26-07-2015 International Dogshow Rotterdam (Nl) Day 1 judge R. Wagner (L) NicNac Van de Hereheide 3Exc in Junior Class, Lorelei Van de Hereheide 2Exc in Champion Class + RCAC/RCACIB. Line of Life Driada, 1Exc in Working Class, Best Bitch CAC-CACIB. With this result she is International Beauty Champion + Wut Champion! Day 2 judge D. Witkowska (P) Black Beauty Canis Venator 3Exc in Champion Class, Line of Life Driada 1Exc in Working Class, Best Bitch, Best of Breed CAC-CACIB, with this result also Dutch Champion! In the ring of honour she was Reserve Best in Working Group! 19-07-2015 Golden Dog Trophy Liège (B), Judge: C. Calcinatti (I), Nic Nac Van de Hereheide 1Exc in Junior Class, Best Junior & Reserve Best Junior IN SHOW! Lorelei Van de Herheide, 1Exc in Champion Class, Line of Life Driada, 1 Exc. in Working Class, Best Working of Breed & Best in Group Working! 10-07-2015 Our first Rabbit Dachshund litter was born! Mother and kids are doing very well... We have 1 chocolate dapple girl, 1 black dapple boy and 1 black & tan girl (all puppies are reserved). 28-06-2015 Ambiorix Trophy Genk (B), judge E. Deutscher (A),  NicNac Van de Hereheide, Junior Class: 3Exc. Lorelei Van de Hereheide Champion Class: 1Exc. RCAC-RCACIB. 12-06-2015 World Dog Show Milano (I): Amazing Results for our kennel! First time on show for Noir Désir Van de Hereheide, Best Minor Puppy! Lorelei Van de Hereheide won the Working Class and got CAC. 6-06-2015 Lommel (B): judge D. Radu (R): Lorelei Van de Hereheide 1 Exc. Champion Class, Best Female, CAC, BOS. 17-05-2015 Wieze (B): judge Timonen Unto (F): Lorelei Van de Hereheide 1 Exc. Champion Class, Best Female CAC, BOS, and with this result she closes both Belgian Beauty Champion & Belgian Show Champion! Line of Life Driada 1 Exc. in Open Class, Best Female CAC and Best of Breed. Proud of the girls! 18-04-2015 Brabo Int. Dogshow Antwerp (B), judge B. Skalin (S): Lorelei Van de Hereheide 1 Exc. Working Class. Line of Life Driada, 1 Exc. in Open Class + CAC/CACIB. 28-03-2015 90th Int. Dogshow Luxembourg (L), judge M. Kavcic (Sl): Kantri Parks Gatsby, Junior Class: 4Exc, Lorelei Van de Hereheide, Working Class, 1Exc. This was her final point towards Lux. Champion! After I got home and was doing some paperwork, I realised that she actually already got her first Champion title at the beginning of the month with the Poland win... WUT Champion 2015! So, not only do I need to apply for the Luxemburg one, but should definately add the WUT one as well! Very proud of our girl! 8-03-2015 Kaninchenschleppe Trial, Belgian Teckel Club, Opoeteren (B). My better half took our two smallest ones for the one specific working test for Rabbit sized Dachshunds... Opus Magnum von der Windecke- Muffin- got I-st price with 100 points + RCACT. Line of Life Driada - Millie- 79 points, II-nd price. Proud of them! Both have the KSchlh annotation now! 7-03-2015 Int. Dogshow Zielona Góra (P), Judge A. Skrzynski (P): Lovely trip to Poland in lovely company! Lorelei Van de hereheide, Working Class 1Exc. CAC, Best Female & CACIB. 22-02-2015 Int. Dogshow Hoogstraten (B), Judge W. Wallace (Ie): First show of the year with the two red girls and one to quickly forget about... Lorelei Van de Hereheide, only Standard Smooth to get a Very Good. Line of Life Driada 2 Excellent. 24-01-2015 Int. Dogshow Moeskroen (B) Judge K. Opara (P): Kantri Park’s Gatsby, Juniorclass, one more time 1 Excellent & Best Junior. With this 3d time in 3 shows 1 Excellent and best Junior he is now Belgian Junior Champion 2015! 11-01-2015 CAC Genk (B) judge JM Melchior: Kantri Park’s Gatsby in Juniorclass; 1 Excellent & Best Junior
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