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About Us   We are Jochen and Silke and, together with our 2 cats and 8 dogs, we live in a rural village in the north east of Belgium. We have chosen our ‘homestead’ specifically to accomodate our pets; a very big fenced garden to play in and lots of hikingtrails nearby. Once upon a time we were just ‘regular’ dog-owners, with just 1 dog each. Over time our hobby got a bit out of hand and our pack has grown a lot bigger. We now have a wardrobe devided in a dog- and non-dog section. The novels in our bookcase had to make room for ‘Feisty Fido’ and titles alike. We have more doggy fleece blankets than your average Home Depot. You could say that us having dogs has become a way of life. We have always been very interested in dogtraining, so it can’t be a coincidence that we met at ‘dog school’ where we were both teaching at that time. Trough the Dachshund working tests Jochen got more involved in hunting, first with Benz, a great black Labrador Retriever, the Dachshunds and meanwhile the Working Cocker Spaniël. I was more interested in the newest developments on behaviour and training techniques in general. Many workshops later, I decided to finally get a professional education as a dog behaviorist (which is still ungoing...) Ever since we got our first Dachshund in 2008, we have totally fallen in love with this breed. They are super fun and very versatile dogs. We put a lot of emphasis on keeping all our dogs active and busy on a daily basis. For the Dachshunds this is oriented towards hunting and exhibiting. We believe it is a big responsability to bring new life into this world, so we take breeding very seriously. We study the pedigrees and bloodlines of our dogs very thouroughly, we read up on everything there is to find on dog genetics and select our breeding dogs very carefully. They are of course tested on hereditary diseases and checked up regularly. In this way we hope to be able to make a positive contribution to the Standard Smoothhaired Dachshund as a breed for many years to come.   
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